Term 1, Week 1!


We’ve had a great first week back in the Learning Lodge and are looking forward to sharing with you all what we have been up to!

This week our Zones of Regulation activities were based on The Colour Monster story. We read the book altogether and had a discussion about the different emotions mentioned in the story. The activities we participated in, included emotions drawings, sentence writing, a feelings game and we even created our own monsters.

In Maths, we did a re-cap of place value and addition/subtraction.

In English, we were writing all about ourselves. We started off our week with sharing our weekend news as a group, and then wrote a sentence about this accompanied with a picture. The rest of the week had us sharing about our family, favourite toy and favourite food!

From Next week, I’ll also be sharing some activities the children can do as part of their home learning.

Welcome Back to School!

Hello everyone,

I am looking forward to welcoming you all back to school this week, it has been such a long time since we have been altogether and it will be lovely to see you all again.

During the lockdown, while our school was closed, we used these blogs as a way to set weekly work and stay in touch. Now children have returned to school, we are going to use our blog to show what activities and work we have been participating in each week. We will also be sharing weekly homework for you to participate in at home.

Love from Miss Hanson

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